Throughout her career, Melinda has worked to expand all people’s access to justice and gained experience in the legal, legislative and community services arenas.


Across the city and country, advances in DNA technology and other investigative tools have led to many wrongful convictions being overturned.

While the Queens DA does not have the reputation for wrongful convictions that the former DA of Brooklyn did, the job of the District Attorney is to ensure that justice is done, not ensure that someone is jailed for a crime whether they are the guilty party or not.

As our next District Attorney, Melinda will work with defense attorneys and community leaders to determine what cases may demand further review, and establish a Conviction Integrity Unit to examine cases and make recommendations for exoneration. Wrongful convictions are a national concern, and new models show the way for doing it properly to ensure that justice is truly served. Every wrongful conviction not only destroys the life of the individual wrongly convicted and his or her family, but also further undermines everyone’s faith in our criminal justice system.